Prices subject to change without notice.


​It could happen to any of us.  A stroke of bad luck, loss of a job, loss of a family, loss of a home.  We as humans need to help each other.  I believe that all people deserve a helping hand when they are trying to help themselves to build a better life.  Sometimes, getting a haircut is what makes a difference in getting a job, or getting a chance.  I am willing to work on a sliding scale for haircuts to those in need.

​All inquiries ore confidential.  


Clipper/trimmer "clean up"  $20.00 

Clipper cut starts at $35.00
Haircuts start at $40.00 
*Designed cutting starts at $45.00

Single process color starts at $45.00
Double process color starts at $70.00
Single process color with haircut starts at $80.00
Double process color and haircut starts at  $100.00
Partial foil highlights start at $60.00 
Partial foil with cut starts at $85.00
Full foil highlights start at $85.00
Full foil highlights with cut start at $110.00 

Single / individual foil highlight {s}  $4 each

​Bang trim $5.00  ( 1 trim, free of charge, between appointments for current clients )​​

Deep conditioning treatment  $25.00+
Shampoo and Blow dry $25.00+
Clarifying Treatment $25.00+

Brow wax $8.00  /  Lip wax $5.00

     Cash,  check,  credit cards & w

( Android & Apple-Pay​©) 

are accepted.

Returned check charge $40.00

Payment due at appointment

+long hair may require more product and increase cost

*additional time required